AudioNec EVO # 4


Extreme & ExclusiveToday this is the highest achievement the AudioNec’s Evo range provides with its zero compromise design and components, able to play effortless even in very big rooms. Implementing nothing less than eight 15 inches (38 cm) drivers per pair able to play Infra low at high levels without any distortion. In fact Evo.4 is an optimized Evo.3 upgraded with two impressive sub-woofers towers.


This super speaker system delivers both the finest refined music and the mind-blowing dynamic and impact a music lover can wish. When technology meets emotion with ultimate performance in every day use designed for people wanting to be there, exhilarated, traveling in time and space to meet the performance of the musicians.






EVO # 3



EVO # 4

This ultimate system also brings exclusivity with personalized finish on demand in order to perfectly adapt to individual aesthetic taste and desires.


We collaborate with some of the most well known French handcraft Maisons and artists. Handwork of leather, straw marquetry, wood marquetry, metal works...

In order to contact AudioNec, please phone to +33 (0)1 60 54 36 42 or contact us by Mail.