Evo 2

One Step Further. Deep Emotions.

Thanks to its additional 28 cm subwoofer that goes down to 20 Hz, the Evo 2 reproduces every micro and macro detail with ease, even when the highest attacks and sound pressures are required.
Still compact, the Evo 2 plays all types of music for all music lovers with authority, even in larger rooms, thanks to its multi-directional dispersion mode. 

It has the heart of an Evo 1, but...

Consisting of the DuoPole™ 31, capable of reproducing musical frequencies from 400 Hz to 10 kHz with exceptional efficiency and dynamics, it is relayed by a super tweeter aligned for a perfect acoustic phase up to 45 kHz to ensure the reproduction of high frequencies. Complemented in the low range by a 22 cm woofer in bass reflex, the Evo 2 takes all the drivers of its little brother the Evo 1.

But way more… 

Reveal the deepest and most subtle bass notes

Few musical instruments in real life are capable of reproducing frequencies down to 20 Hz (except for some church organs) but it is clear that many of our records contain infrasounds, helping to feel the dimensions of a recording studio, a jazz club, a concert hall or a cathedral and giving the music a solid fondation. This is what the Evo 2 can reveal thanks to its 28 cm subwoofer mounted in a sealed cabinet, offering tense and extremely articulated bass, allowing you to discover all the unsuspected richness of your record library.

Technical Specifications


10 kHz – 45 kHz

Duopole 31

400 Hz – 10 kHz

Low 22 cm

35 Hz – 400 Hz

Sub 28 cm

20 Hz – 35 Hz


4 Ohms


90 dB

Amplifier Recommanded Power

50 – 400 Watts

Dimensions (WxHxD)

46 x 115 x 47 cm


76 kg

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