When Art Meets High-End Audio

Since its origins, AudioNec and all its team has set itself the goal of using everything that new advanced technologies offer to put them at the service of the most accomplished and natural musical reproduction possible. Why many products or fields like photo, cinema, TV… would successfully use all that digital technologies allow and the high-end hifi would remain in the stone age, using obsolete technologies? This is nonsense. That’s why our credo is to use the best of technology to put it at the service of Art.


If the public of the whole world could listen to our first products at the High End show in Munich in 2010, it is because our story began many years before when Francis Chaillet set out to manufacture the first computer entirely thought out and dedicated to high-end music reproduction. Then was born the world’s first music server. This was followed the next year by the revolutionary Answer loudspeakers, which are still remembered today by those who had the chance to listen to them. Thinking outside the box and making products that challenge convention is what motivates us every day. 


New computer and digital technologies are constantly developing, pushing back the boundaries of what is possible. From the beginning, we at AudioNec have known how to make the most of them, either to place them at the heart of our music servers or to help us design ever more efficient speakers. We can’t bring ourselves to use the same technologies as everyone else that inevitably lead to the same results. We pride ourselves on constantly exploring new ways to get closer to the truth of the Music. This is our Graal and what keeps us going.

High-end craftmanship

With our French origins and in the purest tradition of French luxury, we make it a point of honour that each of our products, even if some of the components we use come from other countries, is entirely assembled by hand by our team in our workshop near Paris. Each speaker, each music server is 100% made in France and tested before being packed and shipped all over the world. This artisanal production method makes each AudioNec product unique, reflecting our know-how and the image of each of those who buy them. This sometimes makes our lead times longer than the mass market standards impose. But this is our way of doing things and our philosophy. We will never sacrifice this requirement and this sense of a job well done, for the increasing demands of larger production. AudioNec products are exceptional products and will remain so. That’s just the way it is.

Full respect of the Music

A Fender electric guitar does not sound the same as a Gibson and a Marshall amp does not sound the same as a Vox. The same is true of a Steinway piano, a Pleyel, a Fiazoli or a Bösendorfer… And this is true for all musical instruments. If you can hear the difference in a concert, can you hear it at home in the comfort of your living room? At AudioNec we strive to ensure that each of our products can reproduce the slightest harmonic, the slightest characteristic that makes a Yamaha piano not a Steinway or a Kawai. Listen to one of our products and you will perfectly understand what we mean…