Evo Line

Modular and upgradable
A world premiere for High-End loudspeakers

As its name suggests, the EVO range introduces the concept of speaker system scalability which allows you to upgrade your speaker to an upper model, at any time, simply by purchasing the additional modules. It is not necessary to sell your Evo speakers to evolve to a superior system. As most music lovers, you are always on the quest for the Holy Grail, constantly trying to climb the ladder of quality in sound reproduction. So from now on, you can expand your system over the years to reach the very best listening result you can dream of.

4 modules to built up 4 unique loudspeakers


Step by step

Unparalleled Technology

DuoPole™ 31

A unique driver for a unique sound

The DuoPole™ 31 is a unique boxless wideband driver, proprietary technology of AudioNec, capable of reproducing musical frequencies from 400 Hz to 10 kHz with exceptional efficiency and dynamics. Its ultra-light diaphragm with its vertical voice coil, without any spider, working in free air and dipole mode, allows it to reproduce the slightest musical nuance with a sense of detail, rhythm and acoustic power unknown to this day. Each musical information is transcribed in all its dimensions: attack, harmonies, envelope curve and an incomparable holding and instinction of each note.

Its double cylinder shape without suspension, recreates a wave propagation mode close to the horn, ensuring a dynamic diffusion with a high level of efficiency, moreover with a wide multidirectional spatial dispersion close to 360°. Its open air diffusion mode also eliminates any box effect, so no creation of undesirable standing waves. Thus, the music flows without constraints in all its spontaneity and veracity.

Super Tweeter

Up to 45 kHZ

To reproduce high frequencies, a high efficiency super tweeter is placed just above the DuoPole™ for an ideal phasing. It is placed in a horn-shaped structure to ensure the most omnidirectional spatial dispersion possible without edge effects and its silk dome diaphragm allows perfect harmonic and tonal continuity

One can say that there is no point in having tweeters that go up so high in kHz because no instrument emits such frequencies. This is not entirely wrong. But every musical note emits higher order harmonics that can be perceived by human even though it is known that the human ear cannot hear sounds above 20 kHz at best. We have done many tests and each time we have been able to appreciate the benefits of equipping our speakers with a high quality tweeter. 

Low frequency drivers

Down to 18 HZ

To ensure the reproduction of low frequencies below 400 Hz, down to 18 Hz depending on the Evo model,  very high quality woofers and subwoofers are used. They are mounted in separate cabinets to ensure perfect vibration isolation and are designed either bass reflex or sealed according to their frequency reproduction band. They are also made of the same type of material as the DuoPole membrane for perfect harmonic and tonal coherence.

Modular connectivity

Each Evo is equipped with 4 high quality binding posts to allow each owner to connect their speakers in a simple version using the Evo jumpers (made from a single large 2mm thick pure copper plate) or using the 4 binding posts for bi-wiring or bi-amplification. The terminals are not mounted directly on the anodised aluminium plate but on polymethyl methacrylate plates to avoid the creation of micro magnetic side effects that could alter the musical signal. The crossover delivers the signal to each driver through the highest quality internal wiring made of 6N OCC copper cables perfectly insulated runing inside the lateral massive aluminium CNC machined bars.

Unparalleled Design

A unique design for a unique sound

In addition to allowing modularity and evolution of each Evo loudspeaker towards the superior model, the principle of separate cabinets was thought to ensure a phonic isolation of each driver almost perfect. Each driver being in a completely separate and discontinuous cabinet from the others, its inevitable parasitic vibrations are not transmitted to the others. The choice of high density MDF for the speaker cabinets is also an essential technical choice because it is an acoustically neutral material with a structural behavior that intrinsically absorbs the maximum amount of vibrations.

Cabinet isolation for pure sound

Each driver emitting the audio signal without internal parasistics air pressure sent to other drivers was also part of the specifications that led to the design of the Evo line. Each independant cabinet is linked to the others through the massive lateral CNC machined aluminium bars system bringing strength and stability.

Depending of their weight, the Evo speakers are equipped with spikes for Evo 1, and sophisticated feet for Evo 2, Evo 3 and Evo 4. Those High-End feet are precisely CNC machined, they use carefully selected high grade materials able to support heavy weights and super hard ceramic balls in order to guarant the most effective suppression of unwanted resonances and the very best listening experiences. 

Meet Every Step

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Full Scale System

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Available in 4 configurations

Passive Standard

In this version, each loudspeaker is fully passive with internal crossover made from hand-picked, high quality components. Mounted on a double-layer PCB. In order to get the best possible signal transmission, each PCB track is doubled and hand-wired with a 2.5 mm² pure copper cabling.

Active Subwoofer

In this version available for the Evo 2, Evo 3 and Evo 4 models, the 28 cm subwoofer has its own class D amplifier module with an internal DSP for a perfect integration into the listening room. In addition to a volume control for frequencies below 35 Hz, 3 presets are available to adapt to the taste of each listener.

Passive Signature

In this configuration, the passive crossover of the loudspeaker is built in a large external box, which allows us to use non-standard components without compromise and without size constraints. The musical quality is felt and goes even further on all the criteria: definition, quality of the timbres, soundstage sizes, smoothness, presence…

Digital Signature

As for the other Signature version, the crossovers are placed in a box outside the loudspeaker, but are based on a high quality DSP system allowing frequency separation to be done in the digital domain, perfect phase optimisation and a ideal integration of the loudspeakers in the acoustics of the listening room.

Custom made in any color, and more…