Evo 1

Compact size. Great sound.

Compact and elegant, the Evo 1 is capable of delivering compelling music thanks to its full-range DuoPole™ 31 driver, shared with all other loudspeakers in the Evo range. The Evo 1 benefits from all the strengths of its older siblings, making it instantly recognizable as an AudioNec speaker.

The Evo 1 lays the foundation for the Evo modular system, and for most owners, it’s already an achievement to own such an amazing speaker, taking them to audiophile Nirvana. For others it’s simply the starting point to the higher levels that are the Evo 2, Evo 3 or Evo 4. 

The smallest dipole driver you can dream of

The DuoPole™ 31 is a unique wideband driver, a direct descendant of our original DuoPole™ 51, capable of reproducing musical frequencies from 400 Hz to 10 kHz where the ear is most sensitive with exceptional efficiency and dynamics.
A perfectly aligned super tweeter takes over up to 45 kHz to ensure the reproduction of higher frequencies with perfect acoustic phasing. 

Large low frequencies

Despite its size of only 22 cm, the ScanSpeak Revelator Series woofer is ported to ensure a low-frequency range that spills into the listening room with authority and precision. So even large orchestral masses don’t scare the Evo 1.

Technical Specifications


10 kHz – 45 kHz

Duopole 31

400 Hz – 10 kHz

Low 22 cm

35 Hz – 400 Hz


8 Ohms

Evo 1 Sensitivity

90 dB

Evo 1 Weight

58 kg

Amplifier Recommanded Power

30 – 200 Watts

Dimensions (WxHxD)

46 x 104 x 47 cm

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