Evo 3

Tall Tower. Full Immersion.

The Evo 3 is a no-compromise loudspeaker, whatever the listening level, it brings its owner all the performance of the DuoPole™ 31 driver supported for bass by 4 drivers mounted in a d’Appolito inspired configuration.
Like all other Evo speakers, the Evo 3 is available in four different versions:

. A fully passive version with internal passive crossovers.

. A Signature version with Signature Duopole, improved super tweeter, external crossovers small enough to stay very discrete, large enough to accommodate the best components that are too big to fit inside the speaker enclosure.

. By adding the suffix AS, the four subwoofers modules are active so that the speakers can be used with very low powered amplifiers. This setting also allows the low level to be adapted to listener tastes.

. A Digital Signature version including digital crossovers, separate amplification for each bass module, DSP and system optimization to correct the acoustics of the listening room.

A d'Appolitto inspired configuration immerses you in the heart of the Music

The Evo 3 is much more than an Evo 2 with a double woofer and subwoofer, it’s an outstanding speaker that everyone who has had the chance to listen to it considers to be one of the best loudspeakers in the world.

Its 4 woofers, placed in a d’Appolitto inspired configuration, bring to the music a realism never reached before. This type of configuration, in addition to increasing the efficiency of the speakers, creates a virtual source point at the center of the loudspeaker. All frequency registers are merged into one to create a unique and precise sound stage in 3 dimensions. Thus, the listener is immersed into the heart of music, listening to a pair of Evo 3 is a unique and unforgettable experience.

An imposing size but a subtle and airy design

Despite its large size (more than 1m85), the Evo 3 remains an elegant speaker that will easily fit into many rooms and decorative environments. Thanks to its unique and ethereal design, the 5 modules seem to be floating in space and their pure and simple lines make it a timeless, spouse friendly object!

Technical Specifications


10 kHz – 45 kHz

Duopole 31

400 Hz – 10 kHz

2x Low 22 cm

35 Hz – 400 Hz

2x Sub 28 cm

18 Hz – 35 Hz


8 Ohms


92 dB


120 kg

Amplifier Recommanded Power

80-800 Watts

Dimensions (WxHxD)

46 x 185 x 47 cm

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