Evo 4

Full Scale System. No limits.

The Evo 4 is the highest achievement in AudioNec’s Evo line. This dual tower loudspeaker offers, thanks to its uncompromising design and components, the ability to effortlessly play any type of music, even in large rooms. With nothing less than eight 15-inch (38 cm) subwoofers per pair, and 10 drivers per channel, it is capable of playing from infrasounds at high levels without any distortion to the highest harmonics up to 45 kHz in impressive clarity and speed. In short, Evo 4 is an Evo 3 Signature enhanced with two impressive subwoofer towers making the difference. 

Evo 4 - Audionec

The speaker of all superlatives

With its two towers, each equipped with four 15 inches drivers, the Evo 4 defies all laws of acoustics and enters the legend of great systems approaching absolute perfection. Here it is no longer a question of speakers but of VIP seats in the first row of the best concert hall with a full orchestra playing! You will be immersed in the heart of the orchestra and the interpretation of each musician and will be able to feel the slightest intention, the smallest inflection even of an instrumentalist placed at the back of the stage. The real dimension of the concert hall will become that of your listening room. You may even feel you are the conductor. Well, almost…

Technical Specifications

Main Tower


10 kHz – 45 kHz

Duopole 31

400 Hz – 10 kHz

2x Low 22 cm

35 Hz – 400 Hz

2x Sub 28 cm

18 Hz – 35 Hz


8 Ohms


92 dB


120 kg

Dimensions (WxHxD)

46 x 185 x 47 cm

Amplifier Recommended Power

80-800 Watts

Sub Tower

4x Sub 28cm

15 Hz – 25 Hz


4 Ohms


92 dB


273 kg

Dimensions (WxHxD)

55 x 185 x 50 cm

Amplifier Recommended Power

500-8000 Watts

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