Diva XL

The Diva XL is a no-compromise loudspeaker in every sense of the word. At 2 meters tall, 45 cm wide and with two 15″ sealed subwoofers in each speaker, it’s designed for music lovers with a large listening room who want the ultimate loudspeaker.

As its name suggests, the Diva XL will enchant you and even bewitch you as its repertoire is vast and limitless. It will play all styles of music with a disconcerting ease and will perform impeccably at outstanding volume levels when necessary. 


Elegant Lines

Imposing in size, the Diva XL is nonetheless an elegantly designed speaker that can be customized in every possible finish: piano lacquer, leather, wood inlay, straw marquetry and even oxidized steel. It will blend into any interior, and its timeless design will never bore you. 

The Diva XL, like a great watch, is a speaker one owns for life.

DuoPole™ 51

The DuoPole™ 51 is historically the big brother of the DuoPole™ 31, and the main driver of the legendary Answer loudspeakers that were first presented at the High-end show in Munich in 2010. This wideband driver covers almost 6 octaves from 200 to 10 kHz, and is capable of reproducing all instruments with a realistic scale. For example, the enormous power handling and the lightning attacks of a drum kit will be reproduced without any loss. The considerable orchestral mass of a symphony will be reproduced without any effort and without any compression.

The Diva XL will delight you for years to come.

Solid Standing

For such a loudspeaker, every detail counts, and the notion of a no-cost object has been pushed to the limit. Even the structure holding all the drivers together has been designed to withstand the 175 kg weight of each speaker and still remain pure objects of design. It is this kind of detail that makes a loudspeaker of exception like the Diva XL last for years with elegance and finesse.

Technical Specifications


10 kHz – 45 kHz

DuoPole 51

200 Hz – 10 kHz

Sub 38cm

15 Hz – 200 Hz


8 Ohms


93 dB


175 kg

Amplifier Recommended Power

100–1000 Watts

Dimensions (WxHxD)

45 x 200 x 60 cm