Because you are unique, you deserve unique products

At AudioNec, our credo is to develop and manufacture unique products that use cutting-edge technologies to achieve results that surpass anything that has been done to date. And our credo is also to deliver to each of our customers, a unique product that matches their tastes and aesthetic aspirations. That’s why each of our loudspeakers or music servers can be customized in any RAL color,  whether in matte, satin or piano lacquer finish. We also have partnership agreements with the greatest French Maisons to offer unique finishes in leather, wood marquetry, straw marquetry or even oxidized steel.

Choose your own color

Any RAL nuance available

Match the look of your speakers with the electronics you love

Some of you may already own great devices from other brands that have strong personalities or designs. We’ll be happy to customize our products to perfectly match your audio system. We have already supplied Evo 2 and Evo 3 to match the design of DarTZeel or Riviera Labs instruments. Just ask us and our designers will do everything possible to give you complete satisfaction. That’s what French bespoke service is all about.

AudioNec x Riviera Labs

AudioNec x Dan D’Agostino

AudioNec x DarTZeel

Exclusive Finishes

To offer products as a unique piece like a work of Art, to people who want something truly unique and signed by a famous artist or Maison, is the aim of the partnership agreements we have signed with some of the great French Maisons, renowned throughout the world for their know-how in leather finishing, wood marquetry, straw marquetry or even oxidised steel. Their teams will be happy to collaborate with ours to create a bespoke and unique product for those who want a product that is part of the history of Art.