AudioNec STV5 Music Server



AudioNec STV5 Server is a Music Server without internal DAC .


STV5 is dedicated to music lovers already owning a true High End DAC.

It acts purely as a "transport" in your system and delivers perfect High End S/PDIF, AES/EBU and USB digital outputs.


STV5 is entirely devoted to Music reproduction and all components as all softwares  are optimised to deliver the very best digital music a music lover can dream of.


User interface is available both on Android as on iOS Tablets & Smartphones.

Features :


Music-oriented Media Server utilizing "ultra-low noise linear regulators, and high precision ultra-low phase noise oscillator."

Audio Stages as USB components have the benefit of dedicated audio optimized supplies entirely separated of the computing hardware.

System and programs contained on M.2 solid-state drive

Music storage can be internal and/or external

Internal lossless SSD storage on 4 extractable drawers

Internal lossless music storage on Solid State Drives,

Internal storage increments available in 1 or 2 TB.

External NAS limitless storage.


Width: 46 cm, Height: 20.5 cm, Depth: 45cm, Weight: 21 kg

In order to contact AudioNec, please phone to +33 (0)1 60 54 36 42 or contact us by Mail.