AudioNec SDV5 Music Server



AudioNec Music Server Dac Version 5 (SDV5) includes a fully balanced high-end Digital to Analog Converter stage. It means that there are 4 individual DACs to deliver the analog stereo signal. As usual at AudioNec the dacs are R2R - FPGA high-end optimized dacs.

This server includes stereo balanced and unbalanced line level outputs.


Our servers enable you to play your entire CD collection as well as all high resolution studio master downloads PCM as DSD through a no compromise, no non sense audio stage.

Features :


Music-oriented Media Server

Internal R2R - FPGA optimized balanced dacs

System and programs stored on solid-state drive

Music storage can be internal and/or external

Internal lossless storage on 4 extractable drawers

Internal lossless music storage on 2 TB Solid State Drives

Internal storage increments available in 2 TB

External NAS limitless storage capacity.


Width: 45 cm, Height: 20.5 cm, Depth: 45cm, Weight: 31 kg

In order to contact AudioNec, please phone to +33 (0)1 60 54 36 42 or contact us by Mail.