AudioNec Response Speaker



The "Response" speaker does not follow the trend where slimmer is better. This rather big speaker is able to reproduce the bass frequencies as only speakers with 15 inches drivers are able to.

Thanks to the lack of passive crossover and to the digital optimisation performed by the DSPV2 processor, the Response Signature speaker is linear from 18 Hz to 45 kHz.


Of course "Response" speaker shares the fantastic medium trebble unit of all our range of speaker.

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After 2 years of development, Response speaker is available both as passive speaker with crossover or as the Signature version with it's DSPV2 processor to be bi amplified.

DSPV2 processor:


As all Signature AudioNec speakers, the "Response V2" speaker comes with it's powerful DSPV2 processor system that performs the room acoustic correction and the system optimisation.

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Sensivity: 93 dB

Impedance: 8 Ohms

Frequency response: 14 Hz 45 kHz +- 3 dB.

Main driver: 8 Ohms, 98 dB efficiency from 200 HZ to 20 KHz

Bass Driver 15" 8 Ohms, 93 dB efficiency

Bass Load: Bass Reflex

Size: 45 cm Wide X 149 cm Height X 55  cm Deep

Weight: 102 kg


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