AudioNec Response V2 Speaker



The "Response V2 and the "Response Signature V2" speakers are all implementing the same medium driver and super tweeter as the "DIVA" flagship speaker.

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 In order to match the high efficiency of the exceptional main driver, the "Response Signature V2" speaker uses a powerful 12 inch bass driver with high sensitivity and ultra-low distorsion.


After 2 years of development, Response V2 speaker is available both as passive speaker with crossover or as the Signature version with it's DSPV2 processor to be bi amplified.

DSPV2 processor:


As all Signature AudioNec speakers, the "Response V2" speaker comes with it's powerful DSPV2 processor system that performs the room acoustic correction and the system optimisation.

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Sensivity: 96 dB

Impedance: 8 Ohms

Frequency response: 20 Hz 45 kHz +- 3 dB.

Main driver: 8 Ohms, 98 dB efficiency from 200 HZ to 20 KHz

Bass Driver 12" 8 Ohms, 96 dB efficiency

Bass Load: Bass Reflex

Size: 40 cm Wide X 149 cm Height X 47 cm Deep

Weight: 72 kg


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