AudioNec Reply Signature  Speaker



Evolved from our "Response" speaker, "the "Reply" speaker uses the same mid-high frequency driver arrangement.

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The two 12 inch high efficiency, long excursion bass drivers benefit from their own optimized reflex loaded cabinets.


Compared to the "Response", the smaller footprint of the "Reply" speaker makes it very easy to install in mid sized rooms without losing any of the extraordinary musical qualities of this wonderful family of speakers.

DSPV2 processor:


As all AudioNec Signature speakers, the "Response V2" speaker comes with it's

powerful DSPV2 processor system that performs the room acoustic

correction and the system optimisation.

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Sensivity: 94 dB

Impedance: 8 Ohms

Frequency response: 18 Hz 45 kHz +- 3 dB.

Main driver: 8 Ohms, 98 dB efficiency from 200 HZ to 20 KHz

Bass Drivers 2 x 12" 8 Ohms, 94 dB efficiency

Bass Load: Bass Reflex

Size: 38 cm Wide X 149 cm Height X 65 cm Deep

Weight: 98 kg


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