AudioNec Mains Cables


In order to get the very best of our electronics it was needed to develop mains cables. This bring our customers the warranty that this very important component of their system will never behave as a bottleneck and will not spoil music in any way.


Not only a mains cable has to deliver all the needed electric energy our amplifier can need without adding noise, it also has to keep the emotional load in each music file played by our music server intact.


Technically, all AudioNec mains cables use mono crystal oxygen free copper with 99.99999% of purity. The copper strands have been progressively cryogenised up to -269 °C so that the conductivity is improved and no noise apears. Each conductor receives a teflon dielectric and the wiring arangement is made so that each cable benefits of a perfect mechanical damping. Shielding made of silver plated copper braid paired with an aluminium foil brings ultra high level of rejection for all possible RF/EM interference.


Sonically, years of development with intensive listening tests leaded to lower noise floor, improved resolution, improved dynamics, wider and deeper sound staging,

deeper bass, extended treble, higher sense of  freedom...

Listening is always natural, very musical with a lot of depth on the whole spectrum without any kind of harshness and with an amazing range of tonal colours.


MCCR Mains Cable

MCCS Mains Cable

MCC Mains Cable



The outer shell of Schuko and IEC connectors is machined from a solid aluminum block which allows better control of the magnetic behavior of connectors.

The connectors are made of copper and bérilyum alloy which has mechanical and electrical properties that achieve the highest mechanical strength

while having a higher electrical conductivity. These polished connectors receive a platinum plating layer then a palladium plating layer before a final polishing done by hand. All these treatments ensure an absence of surface defects and a hardness that ensure stable performance over time.



6 mm² individual wires

99.99999% copper purity

Cryogenic treatment

Teflon insulation

Cotton spacers

Silver plated copper shield

+ Aluminium foil shield


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