AudioNec AA2 Amplifier



AudioNec AA2 Stereo Power Amplifier makes use of the best available class D modules fed by an over-sized advanced linear power supply.


All traditional operational amplifiers usually present in Class D designs have been replaced by custom-made discrete components so that no chip is at work in the AudioNec AA2 amplifier. The listening result brings speed, micro-precision and pure refined sound without any tampering of  the harmonics and with the complete restoration of the warmth of the original music.


The AudioNec AA2 is a High End entirely balanced Stereo Power Amplifier delivering 2 X 250 Watts under 8 Ohms with dual mono topology.


Technical specifications:


Power: 2 X 250 W under 8 0hms

Harmonic Distortion THD Typical: 0.0003% at 1 W under 8 Ohms at 1000 Hz

Audio Bandwidth: 2 - 160.000 Hz at 8 Ohms

Size: 46 cm Wide X 13,5 cm Height X 46 cm Deep

Weight: 21 kg


In order to contact AudioNec, please phone to +33 (0)1 60 54 36 42 or contact us by Mail.